Essential Features

Vaultier combines strong security with the option to share sensitive data within the working teams, supliers and clients. Concept of Vaultier tool was based on our own needs and was designed to solve our problem to collaborate on hundreds of login credentials with the proper level of security and access control.

Personal Key Encryption

We place a great emphasis on strong security. Vaultier can handle cooperation of a huge amount of users and still provide strong security with personal key encryption.

User Management

Vaultier provides you with the user management functionality. Adding or removing members is really simple. Permission system gives you control over access to all information and team members.


Easy Search and Filtering

Simply start typing and system will offer appropriate content in dropdown search results. System is searching in titles as well as descriptions.

Invitations and Sharing

Share secret data with anybody else from the team, or invite new members to join the system. Cooperate with your colleagues, suppliers, or clients.


Password Generator

No more "123", "admin" and "qwerty" passwords. Click the button to generate strong passwords for your login credentials. Regenerate your passwords each few months to make them even stronger.

Stand-alone Installation

Vaultier is not an online service where all clients and users share the same database. What you always get is a stand-alone installation with your own database.