Download Community Edition

Choose one of distribution channels and follow the instructions. Community edition is published under BSD licence 3-Clause License.



Run Vaultier conveniently as a Docker container (Postgres and other services included)

Download the image:

sudo docker pull rclick/vaultier:latest

Run the container, i.e.:

sudo docker run --name vaultier -p 80:80 -e ""

More on running the container and it's configuration details is here.



Convenient omnibus distribution for quick and easy installation.

Add our repository and update sources:

sudo wget -O - | bash

Install Vaultier:
(will install postgres, uwsgi and nginx as well)

sudo apt-get install vaultier


Manual installation option for custom set-ups.

Start is easy as this:

pip install vaultier

However by this step it does not end.


Read the documentation here.