What is it for?

Do you keep you sensitive data inside your laptop or flash drive? What if you loose it or worse – what if it gets stolen? Here's how can we help.


  Password & Certificate Storage

How does your IT admin store all login credentials and how does he share it with his colleagues?

We offer solution, where administrators can store every login needed inside IT infrastructure and share it with their team afterwards. No more sending SMS, email or writing login on piece of paper.


  Document & File Storage

How do you store and share business contracts inside your company? Do you really want to send extremely sensitive agreements via email?

Vaultier gives you the opportunity to store and share any document you like. Strong encryption is assured and for the more, data traffic is greatly decreased while not sending all the files via email.


  Credit/Debit Card Information Storage

Typical situation. You are the one who actualy owns company credit card and your marketing manager needs to pay for advertisement campaign real quick.

Save your payment cards information inside your vault and grant access to marketing manager. He can't lose the card and you don't have to make a duplicate of it. It is that simple.


  Secret Notes Storage

Business meeting with your client went not so well. Your notes perfectly sums up client behavior. How to share it with your colleagues and start a chat secretly?

Email is fine, until someone hits „reply all“ or „forward“ and accidentaly sends it to wrong person. It happened to you, it happened to everyone. Vaultier offers you perfect tool to share your notes while your teammates can leave their comments.


How does it work?

Vaultier's concept is quite simple. Every user in the system has his own encryption key, which is used for logging in and accessing the data. To keep it as safe as possible we have added a password over it so even if you got robbed, no one can steal what you have inside Vaultier as even data stored in database are encrypted. And since the keys could hardly be falsified...
Vaultier is the safest „secret storage & not-public cloud“ solution you can get.


Our tool helps your company to follow internal secret policy rules while keeping it user-friendly.